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Hoosier Woodworking Machinery, llc

Wide Belt Sanders

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1300 Series

A compact and dependable machine that features a number of standard options and can be equipped with up to three heads. Ideal for small to mid-sized woodworking shops.

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2300 Series

Optimally suited for small to mid-sized cabinet, millwork and furniture plants, 2300 Series machines feature standard components other manufacturers offer only as options. Having one to three heads and 37-52” widths, these powerhouses deliver a substantial bang for the buck. The combination head is situated in the last position for versatility. And the 75” long abrasive belt (103” on 52” version) is made for longer abrasive belt life.

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3300 Series

The 3300 Series is a time-tested workhorse designed for maximum performance, and competitively priced to deliver an outstanding value. Every craftsman has different needs, so each machine is configured around your requirements and is tailored to fit your specific situation. Through years of customer feedback and experience, the 3300 Series has evolved into a feature-packed industry benchmark for excellence. Ruggedly built for a long life of outstanding performance, strength, and versatility; the 3300 Series helps you increase production and to improve your bottom line.

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5300 Series

A massive machine that utilizes heavy, durable components for a long life of heavy use. Ideal for large-scale wide belt sanding and calibrating, heavy stock removal, panel sanding and veneer/lacquer sanding during 24/7 operations.

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A versatile sanding machine that uses a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood, mitigate hand labor, and is a huge upgrade over the entry level drum sander. This model is designed for cabinetmakers, production shops and woodworkers, making it ideal for a wide variety of small to medium-sized woodworking projects.

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