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Hoosier Woodworking Machinery, llc

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Taylor Automated Clamp Carrier

Price: FOB shipping point...$27,500.00 for both clamp and gluer

Taylor Automated Clamp Carrier

The Automated Clamp Carrier woodworking clamps system is the industry standard for high production edge gluing. The Automated machine doubles operator productivity with its automatic cycle which tightens the clamps on new stock, rotates the machine, and loosens the clamps on panels to be removed. This allows the operator to spend 100% of their time preparing and loading stock. It also reduces operator effort and paces the overall production.

• 96" x 32"

• 20 Section

• Automatic

• Effective Glue Length 96" x Width 32"

• Twenty Section with 6 clamps per section

Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator

The Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator with outfeed Conveyor is an automated glue application and stock handling system. The system applies adhesive to the wood stock before clamping, and send the glued panels to operator to be stacked in the clamp carrier. The applicators is equipped with a large infeed roller, which allows operators to roll stock onto the infeed end. The Glue Applicator conveyer is started and stopped automatically via an electric eye either at its infeed end or at its outfeed end. The glue roll located in the center of the machine applies glue. A safety slip clutch protects the conveyor chain against damage when careless operation results in wood jamming the conveyor. This feature reduces down time and is self-healing so machine returns to normal function once the jammed stock is removed.

• 13" width

• 96" infeed and 96" outfeed


• Daily: The Conveyorized Glue Applicator is equipped with a stainless steel glue pan cover. Our system seals the glue area and keeps the glue roll moist. Nightly storage of adhesive minimizes clean up time and extends production time 1/2 hour per machine per day.

• Weekend: The Taylor system again minimizes clean up. The Applicator features a removable glue roll. The glue pan and roll are easily removed, cleaned and replaced, ready for production the following week.